About Me & The Book

Welcome Dear Friend

I created this blog to sell my book “Go Million”
The purchase of the book includes an Audiobook & Videos and more which will help you fully grasp and understand
the concepts i am talking about on a deep level.

To some it might seem very spiritual in the beginning
but once you feel the changes in the body you will recognize how it effects what you do.

The life transforming benefits you will experience are:
* better health
* better relationships
* much much more money
* happier in general
don’t just take my word for it. try it out and see how it changes you

About Me
I am an ultra feeling HSP. I can feel energy blockages within others by getting near them or touching them. I used this sensitivity to heal a lot of people. Before i realized i have this gift i had a spiritual awakening. After around 400 Sessions i decided to write “Go Million” so to show how to get into the optimal life situation and state of being.

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healemotion
My youtube channels: https://www.danieleder.com

the reason i wrote the book is because:
1) I have a Vision in my Heart
2) I want to share the ability to make your own vision a reality for you so you can do the same thing

Enjoy it and grow with it 🙂